Friday, March 16, 2012

Liz Taylor items available to buy on Facebook.

There is a new offer where we can buy Liz Taylor inspired items through Facebook using Facebook credits. Facebook credits is a virtual currency (like stardollars) where you can buy virtual items in games and apps through Facebook. You need to buy them using the same methods you use to buy stardollars. Where I live 16 facebook credits cost €2.50 by mobile phone and each countries currency will differ.
If you want to see what items are available log into facebook and then click HERE
Then this page will come up
If you want to buy any of the items you can simply click "Buy" If you already have facebook credits they will be deducted from your account and if you don't then an option will come up where you can buy some. If you do buy them make sure you use the facebook account you have linked to your stardoll page.
What do you think of this offer? It looks like stardoll have some deal with facebook and are trying to get members to buy facebook credits now. Will you be buying anything?

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