Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free roller

Hello beautiful dollies,
I'm here today to show you the quick and easy steps to get this free Disney helmet and roller...

If you live in the USA, then simply join the club by clicking here.

If you live outside the USA, then use a US proxy like these:

Paste in the proxy URL bar:

Log in Stardoll and then change the URL at the top to:

Now leave the proxy, you should find a Disney Fashion Lounge bag in your suite!


Free Pig in a Tutu/Skirt

(Well, I assume it's a pig in a tutu)
If you are from the US or the UK, click HERE and answer the questions.
If you are not from the US or the UK, you are going to need a web proxy such as:
Type in in the proxy URL and log in. Replace the proxy URL with
Answer the questions and enter the competition. Log off Stardoll and the pig should be in your suite.

It's a pretty random free item, don't you think?

New Epiphany Eggs!

There are 4 new floors of Epiphany out featuring eggs we saw in spoilers. The items are actually interior items and a few of them are animated!

The prices range from 78 starcoins up to 34 stardollars. When you buy an egg it appears in your suite in a starplaza box. You can also adjust their size.
Real life version
(credit to Ashlee [xx-noorett-xx]

Some of the eggs are inspired by FabergĂ© eggs which are eggs designed by the House Of FabergĂ©. To read more about them click HERE
What do you think of them? Will you be buying?

Free Boomerang Gift Jacket!

Want this free Boomerang gift jacket?
If you are from Brazil 

Log in and join a club by clicking HERE
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
 If you are not from Brazil:
Use the following proxy:
Go to Stardoll using the proxy and login
Click Go 
Wait until the page goes, log off Stardoll & the Proxy and return to Stardoll
It should be in a big in your suite!  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April Hotbuys.

Free dress

If you are from the UK, click HERE, scroll down and click on this big green button that you should see:

 It should redirect you to the Piccing website. If you are not from the UK, you are going to need a web proxy such as or
Type in in the web proxy URL and log in.
Replace the proxy URL with:
Scroll down the page until you see that button above. When you click on it, it should redirect you to the Piccing website. Fill in the form with fake info (the username should already be filled in with your Stardoll name), like what I did:
 When you go back to your Stardoll suite, the dress should be next to your closet in a White Piccing bag.

New Makeup removal option!

Finally stardoll have made an option for us to remove parts of our makeup without having to remove it all! This is a long awaited and very handy tool. In your beauty parlor an option called “Makeup removal option” is now available which you can see below.

Doll: Amber_doll 

Easter pass

New collection of Sunny Bunny